Refugee Medical Exam

In order to have your medical completed you will need to bring the following with you to your appointment

•       Copy of passport or some sort of government issued photo ID


         One of the following:

a)      Acknowledgement of claim and notice to return for interview

b)      Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility

c)      Refugee Protection Claimant Document

Medical Appointment Instructions

** Our panel physicians are only authorized to preform medicals on patients immigrating to Canada**

  • These appointments can be booked at our Bigelow Fowler West location by calling 403-381-8444

Fee for these exams: Medical $240.00 (everyone)

Xray $75.00 (required for 11 years and up)

  • We recommend you pre book a lab appointment for the same day as your visit with the doctor. MAKE sure you give yourself enough time in between appointments because it is at a different location. If they do not have the same day available you can still go there after your visit with the doctor as they accept walk in patients or book for the next available day.

  • To book your lab appointment with Alberta Precision Laboratories please visit or call 1-877-702-4486 and choose the location you prefer to have it done at.

  • Please be aware that a fee will be charged for the required lab tests and payment will be taken by Alberta Precision Labs at the time of testing. Required for 15 years and up) there is no charge for urine samples (required for 5 years and up.)

  • X-rays may also be completed at our Bigelow Fowler West Clinic, you MUST have had your Immigration Medical Exam at the Bigelow Fowler Clinic to complete your X-rays here.

Preparing: What to Bring

  • Identification: Passport, Canadian Drivers License or Refugee Status Papers (these should be valid and up- to- date. Call us if you are unsure about your ID)

  • Any official papers you have received from Immigration Canada:

Work Permit, Study Permit, or Vistior Permit, if applicable

  • Any additional correspondence you may have received from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) as well as your IME number

  • An identity photo will also be taken at your appointment

  • All prescription medications: the bottles themselves , or the name and dosages

  • Loose fitting clothing and short sleeves for your examination

  • Glasses for the vision test (that is if you wear them)

  • If you require a translator for your appointment then you must pre arrange before the visit

  • Your completed IME will be submitted by our staff via E-Medical online services (preferred method by IRCC)

  • If IRCC requires additional test, physician visits, or specialist referrals you will be responsible for these additional fees


Medical Application and Consent Form  

Alberta Precision Labs Appointment Booking

Please be aware that if you were already chosen to resettle in Canada as a refugee, the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) will cover some of your pre-departure medical services. This including the cost of your Immigration Medical

Further infomation on claiming refugee status in Canada is available from Immigration and Citizenship by clicking the link below. 

Your completed IME will be submitted by our staff via E-Medical online services (the preferred delivery method of IRCC). If IRCC requires additional testing, physician visits or specialist referrals you will be responsible for these additional costs.