Below is a list of services not covered by Alberta Health Care.  All patients are welcome to make an appointment to see a physician for these services, however, a fee will be charged.

Clinical Service Type    


Blue Cross Special Authorizations


General Insurance Eligibility

Examination and Form Completion


Attending Physicians Statement for Insurance Company


Disability Benefit Report

Form Completion Only

Exam and Form Completion


3rd Party Requested Letters on Patient Attended


Proof of Death Physicians Statement

(Other than Vital Statistics)


Certification of Fitness for School

Form Completion Only

Exam and Form Completion


School Requested Forms and Reports

Sick Note

Note Only

Exam and Note


MOT Pilot Exam


Pre-Employment Mediacal Exam and Report


Pregnancy Leave and EI Forms


Certification of Fitness for Summer Camp, Daycare,
Air Travel. etc.

Form Only

Exam and Form


Senior's Residence Medical Report


Disabled Parking Authorization


Driver's Medical Exam and Form


Elective Newborn Circumcison


Telephone Prescription Renewal


Surgical Removal of Warts, Moles, etc.

(not medically required)


Non Surgical Treatment ie.

liquid nitrogen, chemicals, etc.

(not medically required)


Third Party Medicals for Travel,

Work, Insurance, etc.


Physicians Visits for Prescriptions

(due to travel)


Air Travel Injections or

Gardasil Vaccination







$125.00 - $250.00



$85.00 per 15 min



$40.00 - $70.00

$90.00 - $130.00


$110.00 - $260.00


$40.00 - $80.00








$40.00 - $130.00


$65.00 - $100.00


$105.00 + tests


$70.00 - $200.00



















$40.00 - $80.00



$30.00 - $60.00













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